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• Create or Update your Profile: This will ensure that CINT has the latest information for you and the proposals you are part of. Click here to manage your profile.

• Gather your Information: The site is designed to guide you through the proposal submission process. You may stop at any point and return later to complete your proposals. Each step is saved as you progress. Click here for a proposal submission guide.

• Proposal Template: Click here for a proposal template in Microsoft Word. All proposals are required to use this template. Any proposal submission not using the approved CINT template will not be considered for review. CINT user proposals are evaluated by external reviewers based on six specific proposal elements. Proposals lacking any of that information will be at a competitive disadvantage for access to CINT. CINT User proposals are expected to explicitly contain the following six element within the 2-page limit: 1. What is(are) the main scientific question(s) being addressed in this user project including the connection to nanoscience? (suggested length – 200 words) 2. Briefly describe the state of research in this area and how your work is advancing the field. (suggested length – 150 word 3. What is(are) the expected impact(s) of this user project? (suggested length – 150 words) 4. What specific work will be performed at the user’s institution in preparation for, or in support of, the proposed CINT work? (sample preparation, complementary characterization, calculations) 5. What specific tasks will be performed by the user(s) in conjunction with CINT? For each task, include task duration, expected task outcome, requested instrument(s) and CINT staff engagement. (This should be the longest and most detailed section.) 6. Key References.

• Create an online proposal: Log-in to your account using your email address and password. Follow the electronic step-by-step proposal submission links. Each proposal question has context-sensitive “help” to guide you through the process, and you may click here for a step-by-step guide. Click here to view your proposals or create a new proposal.

• Complete and submit: After completing your proposal and entering all information, click the "submit" button on the review and submit page to submit your proposal.

• Review Process: Consists of scientific feasibility, ES&H, external proposal committee evaluation, and final committee consideration of all applicable scientific merit, technical feasibility, impact on field, and CINT capabilities.

• Contracts: For approved proposals, identified contract offices will be contacted for user agreement execution in preparation for your project start.

• Proposal Notification: You will receive formal notification via email of the decision regarding your User Proposal.

• Guest Processing: If our proposal is approved and you will be visiting the either of the CINT facilities, you will need to get an ID badge. Please contact your scientific liaison or for forms and information.